Volunteer, Give, Attend, Spread the Word

How You Can Join The Movement

 At the garden each month we have Working Bee days where locals, groups, corrections and others come to maintain gardens, general cleaning, weed eating and lawn mowing. It is a time to come together as community, whanau and friends having fun along the way.

Come and Join Us

Our motto at the garden is
“No one to be excluded”
Come one, Come all!


If you have books, seeds, fruit trees, timber, iron, poultry we would gladly welcome any of these items to help with projects.

Prayer Warriors

Please pray for our project. God has journeyed with us this far, help us to stay focused and continue this journey.


Come and join our team on the farm. you can help by feeding the calves, milking the cows, feeding all the animals and much more.

You and Your Friends can be the change in your Community!

One of the reasons we have enjoyed this project over the past four years is the connections we have made with families within our community. The joy of seeing families being fed, children being content and elderly respected throughout the settlement

Other Resources

How To Be a Voice for your Community

  • Take time to have a coffee & chat with friends
  • Always making plans to better your project
  • Take time out


When are your gates locked and what time are they opened?

Our gates are never locked, our families, friends and helpers are always welcome.

Do we have to pay for the food in the gardens as well as the Pataka?

No, there is no charge for anything you need. There is a koha box in the Pataka if you choose to leave a koha to help with the project.

Can we have family functions at the garden?

Yes you can.

Help your Community Today

Help your community by making sure your neighbours are ok, the elderly are cared for, and our children are fed. Its not hard to do you just put your ears to the ground and listen to the voices of your community.

Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors

Te Aka Puaho